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HYBRiD80 Plus

Pallet Wraps

Western Plastics

Western Plastics continues to a shift in the stretch film industry to lighter, stronger pallet wrap in both hand and machine grade film. Many top manufacturers have indicated that within 3 – 5 years the 80 gauge will no longer be sold because of current costs to produce film.

Western Plastics has developed Hybrid80 Plus stretch films. This RightWeight Solution allows distributors to move from the (Me Too less 5% 80 gauge) standard pallet film in their selling efforts. HYBRiD80 Plus has a high resistance to stretch for superior load retention and performs as well as an 80-gauge film. It is sold in a range of 20%+ savings under conventional 80 gauge wrap. HYBRiD80 Plus The RightWeight Solution helps distributors develop new business, maintain profit margins and also to offer their customers something new . Western Plastics keeps distributors ahead of the curve by developing and promoting new and innovative films.

Product Specifications

Item # Width Length Rls/Cs Cs/Plt
HPL55 4.5" 1,000' 12 50
HPL33 2.6" 1,000' 18 50
HPL71 13" 1,500' 4 60
HPL05 14.5" 1,500' 4 60
HPL15 17" 1,500' 4 48
HPL11 11" 2,000' Bulk 150
HPL13 13" 2,000' Bulk 150
HPL26 14.5" 2,000' Bulk 150
HPL28 17" 2,000' Bulk 150

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