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Pro 188

Pro 188

Pro 188 is a specialty grade tensilized polypropylene heavy-duty tensilized strapping tape with clean removal rubber based adhesive. Pro 188 is comprised of an aggressive, high shear, hot melt adhesive system

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Pro 188 is ideal for coil tabbing, L-clip and appliance applications.

Technical Data Sheet  Glossary of Terms


Residue free removal. Aggressive, high strength adhesive clean removal. Low cost, high strength. High performance rubber based adhesive.


Quick Stick
Good Adhesion
Good Tensile Strength
Short Term, High Temperature Resistance
Clean Removal



Technical Specs

Backing: Monoaxially-oriented polypropylene film
Adhesive: Rubber adhesive
Total Thickness: 4.8 mils
Tensile Strength: 145 lbs per inch
Elongation %: 40%
Adhesion to steel: 65 oz per inch
All Pro Glove Zanesville Ohio Glove Supplier

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