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Pro 162

Pro 162

Pro-162 is a heavy-duty filament tape.

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Pro 162 is a high-performance, heavy-duty transparent packaging tape reinforced along its length with continuous glass-yarn filaments, which give the tape very high tensile strength. The transparent backing provides excellent abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is aggressive packaging adhesive specifically formulated to provide balanced performance having both high adhesion and long term holding power.

Technical Data Sheet  Glossary of Terms


Printable, Abrasion and moisture resistant, good handling, high tensile strength. Allows printing and illustrations to be seen through the tape and provides advertising and warning capability when printed. Assures maximum package performance for a limited


Good Adhesion
Good Tensile Strength
Short Term, High Temperature Resistance
Good Solvent Resistance
Good Abrasion Resistance
Waterproof Backing


Binding & Harnessing
Coil Wrap Banding

Technical Specs

Backing: Filiment
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive synthetic rubber resin
Total Thickness: 6.6 mils
Application Temperature: 50°F or above
Temperature Range: -20°F to 150°F
Tensile Strength: 380 lbs per inch
Elongation %: 5%
Adhesion to steel: 75 oz per inch
Tack: < 3 in. (Rolling ball)
Peel Adhesion: 80oz. /1 in. (immediate), 130oz. /1 in. (24 Hour)
Coefficient of Friction: Leather- 1.01 Wet Rubber- 1.20 Wet Leather- 1.55 Rubber- 1.21
Made in the USA: Yes
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